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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Zopick?
Once upon a time in an online space far far away, some people realized a dire need of a complete shopping experience online. An experience that will drag people away from everyday shopping hurdles and throw them into a virtual couch of amazing deals, discounts and all that shopping jazz. This place will be every shoppers’ definition of “comfort”. But. Let’s cut to chase and keep philosophies aside. ZoPick is a shoppers’ rapture and a business’s branding window. It’s a place where you can buy best quality stuff at remarkable prices and businesses can flourish with massive exposure. Are we clear?
What is the meaning of ZoPick?
Does your name have a meaning? Does that meaning take you to some parallel universe where your name depicts your personality and every single alphabet reveals a trait about you? Well, that’s how names are usually kept. However, we fought with the stereotype (just kidding, no fights). But there is no philosophy, there is no meaning. We liked ZoPick so it is ZoPick – That’s all! 😉
Zopick is based in?
We’re based on the moon. Yep, seriously. Okay, kidding. We’re a proud Pakistani venture – Brainchild of the custodians of the oldest civilizations present on the planet. (Please excuse the mumbo jumbo).
When Zopick will be available in my city?
Wait.. What? ZoPick is not available in your city? We feel like jumping here and there (preferably a trampoline) and pulling our hair out. But, sigh, that is not the solution. We’re catering to all major cities in Pakistan however, if you cannot find yours, please drop us a line at zopick@zopick.com and we’ll be on the case!
What kind of deals does Zopick feature?
Before we answer this question, let’s be clear. We’re not a run-off-the-mill deal website even though we showcase deals – But you see, we feature deals so the shopping experience is made simpler for you. Because at ZoPick, we want to be your shopping buddy not a deal-ee dally website. However, we feature deals of all kinds from clothes, accessories to electronics and almost everything we can get our hands on, under the sun!
What can I do with Zopick’s discount voucher?
Interesting question. You can turn into an airplane and travel the world – Free of Cost! 😉 And, there’s one more thing you can do. The voucher will be delivered at your doorstep, you have to receive it and then redeem it at the shop you got it for. It’ll help your pockets largely!
What is Today’s deal on the top of home page?
It’s actually the best survivor of our deal-dom! You know how the food chain works right? But in fact, it is our best pick for you at the best rates ever! If you trust us and get the deal, we promise you’ll never regret!
Why do Zopick feature multiple deals a day?
Some days we wake up thinking that we aren’t doing enough for you. We go out, strike deals that make you happy and put them up. When we see you & many others be happy at our website, we jump around with joy. Yes. (Behind the Camera, of course). Which is why we feature multiple deals! Also because, you love them!
Can I combine my Zopick voucher with other offers or specials?
Good question comrade. But actually, you cannot. We are sorry. But if the voucher says so then you can but generally you can only use the voucher alone. You can purchase other offers separately 🙂
I am a consumer. How do I contact Zopick Support?
We are right here – A phone call & an email away! Just send us your query at email@zopick.pk and one of your friends at our crew will get back to you as soon as possible!
I am a merchant. How do I contact ZoPick?
Oh, we’re so excited you asked so! Please locate the “become a member” form on the home page..on the left..scroll down a little.. found it? Yes? Great! No? Drop us an email and our crew will get back you! email@zopick.pk.
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